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Basing a kids' camp on a book about kids killing other kids is a grade-A brilliant idea.

Or it's asking for trouble. Because as it turns out, it's hard for tweens to separate the violence inherent to "The Hunger Games," the book/movie franchise in which young tributes are picked at random to fight to the death in a grim reality TV spectacle, from PG camp activities.

The wisdom of the decision aside, it happened: A Florida Country Day School hosted a weeklong "Hunger Games"-themed summer camp recently, reports the Tampa Bay Times, and while the directors and counselors attempted to sanitize the violence, encouraging team-building rather than talk of killing, it became clear that the kids were there for the thrill of the final-day Hunger Games tournament.

As the week progressed, and the 26 campers continued to express a little too much excitement over the prospect of offing one another, the head counselor made a rule change to the Friday event: Instead of "killing" each other, the campers would "collect lives," represented by flags attached to each child (which still implied murder, but whatever).

In the end, no one died, though one 11-year-old kid did get stepped on.

[via Tampa Bay Times h/t Vanity Fair]
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