Daryl Hannah dancing in a scene from the film 'Dancing at the Blue Iguana', 2000. (Photo by Dragon Pictures/Getty Images)Everett

Exotic dancer, burlesque queen, striptease artist -- call 'em what you will, but the women (and men) who entertain us on stage sans clothing are best known as strippers. We've seen them in the movies as early as 1943, showing off their physiques and working the pole.

The latest stripper-on-screen role can be found this weekend in "We're the Millers," where none other than Jennifer Aniston gets down to her bra and panties during a "Flashdance" homage.

We don't have to feel guilty (or creepy) watching our favorite actors get naked on screen because we're not paying for it, right? So feel free to look back on movie stripper history, from the ones who struck an emotional chord to those who made us gawk (and get a bit insecure of our own bodies --damn you, movie stripper's diets!).

WARNING: As if it's not obvious enough, most of these are NSFW ... very NSFW.

First Look: Jen Aniston Strips in 'We're the Millers'
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