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UPDATE, August 8, 2013: Yesterday, after news of the lawsuit broke, a federal judge ruled that the "Deep Throat" owners, upset over the use of more than five minutes of their 1972 porno in the biopic, can't stop the release of "Lovelace."

"We are relieved that common sense prevailed," Millennium Films president Mark Gill said in a statement. "The suit was completely unwarranted. We believe this case was an insult to the legal safeguards in place maintaining our right to freedom of speech."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ruling doesn't kill the lawsuit, just enables "Lovelace"'s release.

ORIGINAL STORY: The dust has finally settled on that whole "Butler" "Lee Daniels' The Butler" business, but things are rarely boring on the legal front chez Weinstein.

The production company for the record-breaking adult film "Deep Throat" has slapped distributors The Weinstein Company and Millennium Films, as well as Eclectic Pictures and United Entertainment, with a $10 million lawsuit and injunction to stop the release of "Lovelace," a loose biopic about "Deep Throat" star Linda Lovelace. The movie chronicles her rise to fame after appearing in "Deep Throat," as well as her abusive marriage to Chuck Traynor and eventual departure from porn. Amanda Seyfried stars as Lovelace, with Peter Sarsgaard as Traynor, Sharon Stone as Linda's mom, and Juno Temple as Linda's old friend Patsy.

Arrow Productions Ltd.'s lawsuit alleges that "Lovelace" uses unauthorized footage from "Deep Throat," among other complaints. The official paperwork states, "Rather than negotiating licenses for 'Deep Throat' IP, rather than deferring to Arrow's vision for the 'Deep Throat' brand, Defendants have simply taken what they wanted and crossed their fingers. Evidently their hope was that by the time Arrow noticed the theft, 'Lovelace' would be a fait accompli. Defendants must be enjoined."

This is serious business, especially for a film that was acquired for only $3 million and hasn't been racking up fantastic reviews despite a star-studded cast.

"Lovelace" is slated to open in theaters and on demand Friday.

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