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Michael Fassbender looks very good while doing something very bad in Ridley Scott's star-studded drama "The Counselor."

The upcoming movie is written by "No Country for Old Men" scribe Cormac McCarthy, and judging by this new trailer and three clips, "The Counselor" shares the Oscar-winning pic's dark, ominous tone.

Fassbender plays a lawyer who gets tangled up in the dark world of crime when he teams up with Reiner (Javier Bardem) to sell a huge amount of cocaine. Penelope Cruz plays his fiancee (watch the two beautiful people roll around in the sack), while a seductive Cameron Diaz wants to cause trouble.

"If you pursue this road that you've embarked upon, you will eventually come to moral decisions that will take you completely by surprise," an oily Bardem warns Fassbender in another clip.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt shows up as some kind of advisor, who has some sage words for Fassbender.

"I just need you to be sure that you're locked in, because I don't know," Pitt says. "My recommendation, anyway, counselor -- don't do it."



"The Counselor" hits theaters October 25.

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