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Matt Damon and Jodie Foster are bitter enemies in "Elysium," but at the movie's premiere last night in L.A., they proved that they just play enemies on-screen.

Foster, who looked great in a tight green number, and Damon were all smiles on the red carpet, and were joined by co-stars Diego Luna and William Fichtner.

"Elysium" follows Max (Damon), a man barely surviving on a disease- and poverty-plagued Earth in the year 2154, while wealthy citizens live in the lap of luxury on Elysium, a high-tech space station. When Max finds out he's sick and has only a few days to live, he chooses to fight his way onto Elysium to save his life, along with the lives of other second-class citizens.

Check out the premiere photos below. "Elysium" hits theaters tomorrow.

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