Liam Hemsworth and Amber Heard in 'Paranoia'Peter Iovino/Relativity Media

Liam Hemsworth was nervous about shooting his "Paranoia" sex scene with co-star Amber Heard, so Heard lightened the mood with a bedroom prank.

"It's scary and it's a little uncomfortable," Hemsworth told Variety of getting intimate on camera. "I think the best thing to do is make jokes through it and we definitely had a few pranks throughout that scene."

Referring to one stunt in particular, Heard quipped to E! News, "It's not a little prank. It was a big prank."

After finding a large dildo in the prop truck, the actress managed to sneak it into a take. "I talked to [director] Robert [Luketic] and the producers and made sure that once we got the take and were good, that we could ask for one extra," she recounted. "And unbeknownst to Liam, I just switched out my arm for the dildo."

At nearly two feet, it was certainly a big prank.

In "Paranoia," Hemsworth stars as a tech genius coerced into corporate espionage, and Heard plays his girlfriend. Also featuring Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Josh Holloway, and Richard Dreyfuss, the thriller hits theaters August 16.

[via Variety, E! News]

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