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Beyond having large families, a Boston upbringing, and "The Departed" on their resumes, Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon don't share much -- at least not in the looks department (well, aside from overall sexiness).

Or maybe they do? Because two super-psyched fans ambushed Wahlberg recently, under the presumption they were meeting a very different A-lister.

"We saw Matt Damon," Angelique Dormevil boasted to a friend in a subsequent text, along with photos of herself and her mom next to Wahlberg.

The friend corrected her the best way possible: by responding with a photo of Matt Damon.

The exchange somehow found its way to Wahlberg himself, who posted a screenshot to Facebook. "Close enough," he wrote, punctuating the comment with a smiley face.

"Haha I can't believe this went VIRAL! Sorry for the mistake," Angelique commented on the post. "My mom and I saw him and I yelled out Matt Damon. I knew all his movies but I confused the two awesome actors. This is awesome that he posted this."

Wahlberg's latest film, "Elysium," is in theaters today. You can catch Damon opposite Denzel Washington in "2 Guns," which opened last week.

[via Facebook h/t E! News]
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