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In a feat that's both impressive and obsessive, an intern at NextMovie memorized every word of dialogue in "Mean Girls," and recited the entire movie in less than 30 minutes.

While the actual film clocks in around 97 minutes, NextMovie intern Christopher Rosa decided that was far too long. He sat down in front of a camera -- wearing a pink polo shirt and surrounded by "Mean Girls" memorabilia, no less -- and at rapid-fire speed shot out every line.

Though the breathless recitation makes it hard to tell if Rosa's monologue is 100 percent faithful, it's still pretty amazing to watch, especially since he acts out facial expressions and hand gestures to match the scene. One of the best comes toward the end of the clip, when he gives Janis Ian's speech about messing with Regina George and triumphantly throws up the "rock on" sign. He also does a spot-on impression of Karen grabbing her boobs to report the weather.

The clip is good fun, and really makes you want to go back and watch the whole movie. Just be prepared for the action to drag at more than three times the length of Rosa's retelling.

[via NextMovie h/t Vulture]
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