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Leonardo DiCaprio has shown a great deal of range since we first spotted him on "Growing Pains" in the early '90s. He's drawn naked French girls, ruled the roaring '20s in "The Great Gatsby," incepted our dreams, and danced like this in "The Wolf of Wall Street." Is his next stop the 11th century?

Warner Bros. is currently developing "King Harald," with a script from "Vacancy" writer Mark L. Smith. It's the tale of Harald Hardrada, aka Harald Sigurdsson, the former king of Norway and all-around tough customer. DiCaprio's already on board to produce, under his Appian Way umbrella with Jennifer Davisson Killoran, and Deadline reports the project is being developed with him in mind to star.

According to the site, DiCaprio is "a history buff" who's been yearning to don his very own horned Viking helmet for a movie. If that's the case, Harald's the perfect choice: The man known as Harald the Ruthless fought in Russia, Sicily, and Bulgaria; tried to take over England and Denmark; and even beefed with the Pope.

Harald's adventures should make for an interesting "'Braveheart'-style" epic, and it would be cool to see DiCaprio get his hands dirty.

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