Superman, Batman, and Spider-ManWarner Bros./Warner Bros./Sony

Superman may be faster than a speeding bullet, Iron Man can outshoot and outfly his enemies, and Spider-Man can swing from building to building, but who is the superhero king of YouTube?

As part of Geek Week, YouTube released numbers of video views associated with different superheroes, and Batman -- the Dark Knight himself -- topped all others with more than 3 billion views across 71,000 videos.

Interestingly, Thor came in second with 2.1 billion views -- perhaps a sign that fans are very interested in "Thor: The Dark World," out in November.

Meanwhile, the Man of Steel came in third with 1.7 billion views, and Iron Man and the Avengers rounded out the top 5.

Guess Batman will have bragging rights at the next meeting of the superheroes club!

[via TheWrap]

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