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Jerry Lewis's 1972 Holocaust-set drama "The Day the Clown Cried" never made it into theaters, thanks to widespread criticism of the film, which starred Lewis as a clown forced to entertain Jewish children in a concentration camp after ridiculing Hitler.

Convinced that he'd produced something brutally unwatchable, Lewis himself pulled the plug on the movie. "It was all bad, and it was bad because I lost the magic," the actor admitted at this year's Cannes Film Festival. "You will never see it. No one will ever see it, because I am embarrassed at the poor work."

But now we can catch a brief glimpse, via a 7-minute behind-the-scenes clip that has made it onto YouTube, with the poster claiming to have found it on a Dutch film site.

Featuring Lewis clowning around with a candle and cigarette, the clip doesn't expose the scene that stirred up the most controversy: In the end, Lewis leads the children into a gas chamber, where he stays to die with them because he's so upset with what he's done.

Yeah, yikes.

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