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Drew Barrymore is reveling in her latest role: that of mom to 1-year-old daughter Olive. But it's no walk in the park, the actress admits in the September issue of InStyle.

"I have anxieties about how much I'd like to get it right, making sure I provide [Olive] with an environment that's safe, nurturing, and loving. And silly and free, also consistent and grounding," she tells the magazine. "Then I just have the same typical fear every other parent has: Are they going to fall down?"

The "Big Miracle" star sums up being a mom as "a lot of pride and a lot of nervousness."

Fortunately, she has a calm partner in husband Will Kopelman. "Will and I are a nice balance of opposition and similarities. He always says, 'Being calm is so important.' Because I tend to be not calm. I probably act more like a chicken with its head cut off!" she jokes.

Next up for Barrymore is the rom-com "The Familymoon," which will reunite her with "50 First Dates" and "Wedding Singer" co-star Adam Sandler.

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