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Woody Allen plays the world's most awkward pimp in "Fading Gigolo," the latest from writer-director John Turturro, who also stars.

Allen and Turturro play Murray and Fioravante, friends who need to pick up some extra cash. So Murray suggests Fioravante become a male prostitute, with Murray arranging his hookups.

"You're an experienced lover," Murray explains to his pal. "Why shouldn't you get paid for it?"

And so the two embark on their journey into the oldest profession, with Murray setting up "a ménage" and Fioravante completely misunderstanding one of his client's (Sofia Vergara) requests to use a strap-on. The supporting cast also includes Sharon Stone, Vanessa Paradis, and Liev Schreiber, and if that isn't enough to get audiences' attention, the trailer also offers a peek at Vergara and Stone in lingerie.

"Fading Gigolo" will make its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival next month.

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