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In the new cyber thriller "Paranoia," Liam Hemsworth plays a young hotshot who gets in over his head when dealing with dueling tech giants played by Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. He's soon being used by Oldman to spy on Ford, while falling for one of Ford's most trusted employees, Emma (Amber Heard).

Hemsworth sat down with Moviefone to discuss his own level of paranoia (he does have paparazzi after him, thanks to his appearance in huge hits like "The Hunger Games" and real-life girlfriend Miley Cyrus). He also talked about working with intimidating icons like Oldman and Ford, one of whom was so intense in rehearsals, he ended up spraying him with saliva!

Moviefone: This movies feels like a modern-day "Wall Street." Were you a fan of that film?
Liam Hemsworth: The first one, I think I watched five years ago, but when it came out, I was really young. Yeah, it's similar in the ambition: a young guy who wanted to reach the top and sort of loses his way to a point and starts going against his own moral values. It's not until he makes a mistake that he realizes where he is.

What made you want to do this movie?
I think it's a really interesting insight into the world we live in, about privacy -- how no one can keep anything secret anymore.

Especially if you're a celebrity.
Then it's even harder, yeah. The movie's an insight into the world of technology and how advanced we've become and how we haven't managed to keep up with protection for this technology and all the information we store on it. The character's a young guy who I think a lot of people can relate to. He's got big ideas and big hopes and a lot of ambition. He winds up in this whole different world that he thought he wanted to be a part of and he gets caught up in the power and the money and the excess of it all. It's not until his life's in danger that he realizes he's made a big mistake. We all make mistakes and it's not until we make mistakes that we learn.

How paranoid are you on a daily basis? You probably have paparazzi following you everywhere.
Yeah. It's funny because it puts this thought in the back of your mind that no matter where you are -- you might be in the middle of the jungle and there's this small thought in your head, is there someone else here as well? In day-to-day life, you constantly have that, whether you think it's rational or reasonable. Because it might have happened once, it could happen again. I wouldn't say I'm too paranoid. I think a lot of stuff like people's emails getting hacked or that an email you sent is stored on a hard drive somewhere, that kind of stuff worries me a little bit. It's a weird thought that someone else could get into my information that easily. That stuff's pretty scary.

How much do you rely on technology?
I'd say my phone is my biggest piece of technology. I hate that there'll be moments in my day and I'll be patting down my legs trying to find my phone. I hate how anxious it makes me feel when I don't have it. When I go on holiday or I go back to Australia, I put my phone in my bag and I don't worry about it; I think differently and I feel less stressed. I try not to rely on it too much but when I'm working, it becomes a part of you.

You've said the scenes in this movie with Gary Oldman were so intense that he actually spit in your face.
[Laughs] Not spit, he was yelling and it was the first rehearsal we'd done and he just brought so much intensity to it -- he was yelling and saliva was going everywhere. [Laughs] But yeah, it was great to see how much intensity he brought to that rehearsal. There was no feeling him out. He just came in and punched me in the head.

Is it a little intimidating working with him?
Oh yeah. I get intimidated, but it's a nervous excitement. Honestly, I really, really love making movies. It's so much fun and I love losing myself in the moment and just being there with other actors. When you're truly in the moment and you're feeding each other, it's such an exciting thing to be a part of.

What about Harrison Ford? Is it in the back of your mind, Oh my God, it's Han Solo, it's Indiana Jones?
Yeah, you think all the things you think you would think, absolutely. But when I'm on set, I'm not nervous. I have a nervous excitement when I first started acting, but at the same time, people could really throw me. You ask yourself "Am I going to be bringing it as much as they are?" With Harrison, he's such a generous guy and he cares about what you're doing and he cares about everything else that's happening on set. He's there to help you out as much as you can. It was great to work someone who was so iconic and so present.

Are you a fan when you work with these icons, like Richard Dreyfuss. Do you ever ask, "Tell me about 'Jaws?'"
It happens organically, that something might come up and they'll tell you a story about something that happened in those films. That stuff's the best.

What can we expect from the next "Hunger Games" film?
We're promoting the second one in November. I'm really excited for it. Francis Lawrence is the director and I'm really happy to have worked with him. I haven't seen the final cut yet but I'm really excited to see what he's done because everyone's been raving about it. I was a fan of his from "Pleasantville." [Editor's note: That's actually a film by Gary Ross, who directed the first "Hunger Games" film]. And "I Am Legend" as well. [Editor's note: Lawrence did direct this one.] He's a great, great director. I'm excited for that to come out.

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