Cory Monteith in 'McCanick'Bleiberg Entertainment

Cory Monteith tapped into his dark side for "McCanick," the final film the "Glee" star shot before his untimely death last month from a heroin overdose.

In the movie, Monteith plays Simon Weeks, a drug-addicted man who's just gotten out of prison after serving time for murder. David Morse stars opposite the late actor as Eugene "Mack" McCanick, a narcotics detective determined to find Weeks -- because the young criminal knows a vital secret about Mack's past.

"What do you want from me?" Monteith's Simon asks Mack, pleading.

"I just want to talk," the cop growls.

Judging by all the yelling, chasing, shooting, and fighting, a civilized chat is the last thing on Mack's agenda.

From director Josh C. Waller and also starring Ciaran Hinds, Mike Vogel, Rachel Nichols, and Trevor Morgan, "McCanick" will debut next month at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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