Famke Janssen at the London premiere of 'The Wolverine' on July 16, 2013Andrew Cowie/AFP/Getty Images

Famke Janssen, the Dutch actress best known for her roles as Jean Grey in the "X-Men" franchise and Lenore in the "Taken" films, apparently came home to an unsettling surprise over the weekend: a copy of the children's book "The Lonely Doll" next to her bed in her lower Manhattan apartment.

The 1957 book is about a doll living alone in a nice house who befriends two bears -- and "from then on ... was never lonely again." It sounds innocent enough, but when examined through the lens of a potential stalker, things get creepy real fast.

According to a police source for the New York Daily News, cops are investigating the incident as a burglary, though there were no signs of forced entry.

Yeah, shudder.

[via NY Daily News, NY Mag]

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