Ashton Kutcher looks a lot like Steve Jobs -- even when he plays a 56-year-old version of the Apple co-founder, with a salt-and-pepper beard and a little hair on top.

But for the upcoming biopic "Jobs," which hits theaters this week, Kutcher went to even greater lengths to push his natural resemblance to the tech genius: He wore the same shoes as Jobs, he listened to the same music as him, he even stuck to the man's strict fruit diet.

In the end, it works to the film's benefit: The opening scene is at the innovator's keynote speech for the iPhone. Until the camera moves up tight on his face, there's no telling if we're watching Kutcher as Jobs or archival footage of the man's real presentation.

While Kutcher went above and beyond to mirror his subject, part of it was simply genetics. Below are 11 other biopic actors who lucked out thanks to the right DNA, giving them an edge few performances could have ever had.James Franco James DeanEARLIER: How Ashton Kutcher Pulled Off Playing Steve Jobs
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