Lindsay Lohan Instagram Selfie, August 13, 2013Lindsay Lohan on Instagram

Just like "Eastbound & Down"'s central character, party-hearty former baseball pro Kenny Powers (Danny McBride), Lindsay Lohan is determined to make a comeback after several years of career, ahem, difficulties.

So it seems fortuitous that one of her first post-rehab jobs is a guest stint on the HBO comedy's upcoming fourth season.

TMZ reports that the actress, who will apparently play Powers's illegitimate daughter, is currently filming in North Carolina.

"#back@work! So grateful today! :)" Lohan gushed on Instagram on August 13, along with the above selfie.

In the wise words of Powers, she's f*cking in!

[via Instagram, TMZ]
Lindsay Lohan Joining 'Eastbound & Down'

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