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The "Twilight" saga might be over (for now), but that doesn't mean that the movie theaters will be free from swoony young vampires falling in love. Come Valentine's Day, "Vampire Academy," based on the young adult novel by Richelle Mead, will show its fangs -- and if the new trailer is any indication, it promises to be wicked good fun, and a lot less sparkly.

While the plot of "Vampire Academy" isn't even hinted at, it does look pretty cool: Basically it's about a high school exclusively for creatures of the night. Zoey Deutch, who also starred in supernatural young adult adaptation "Beautiful Creatures" (and is the daughter of Lea Thompson and John Hughes surrogate Howard Deutch), leads the cast of pretty young things, with actors like Gabriel Byrne and Olga Kurylenko (as the principal) in the adult roles.

But more exciting than the on-screen talent is the creative team behind the movie. The script was written by Daniel Waters, who wrote "Heathers" and "Batman Begins" (for Tim Burton) and has had his hand in a number of hot (if not entirely successful) screenplays like "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane" and "Hudson Hawke." He's the perfect match for this kind of dark high school material.

Even better, his brother Mark Waters, who directed "Mean Girls," "Freaky Friday," and "Harry Potter"-esque fantasy film "The Spiderwick Chronicles," helmed the project. Considering this looks like Harry Potter and the "Twilight" beasties had an unholy offspring, Waters is in his comfort zone.

Vampire Academy- Trailer No. 1

"Vampire Academy," which we hope plays a whole lot like "X-Men: First Class" but with fangs, hits theaters on Valentine's Day next year. Be sure to put garlic on your popcorn.

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