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Have you seenAmber Heard? She's definitely memorable -- and boyfriend Johnny Depp seems to agree.

But at least one Hollywood heavyweight doesn't give a care, and that's her "Paranoia" co-star Richard Dreyfuss. During the actress's recent appearance on "Chelsea Lately," Heard revealed that 65-year-old Dreyfuss "met" her at least three times during filming for the thriller.

Toward the beginning of shooting, Heard joined Dreyfuss and his wife for dinner -- where Dreyfuss made it clear he thought she played a minor role in the film and not, you know, Liam Hemsworth's leading lady.

"I'm having dinner, and he keeps talking about how he wants to imbue all of our scenes with a sense of, like, sexual tension," Heard recalled. "And I'm thinking to myself, because we don't have any scenes together, I'm thinking, 'This is the weirdest way I've ever been hit on.'"

"He thought I was the nurse in the movie!" she exclaimed of her eventual realization.

That hiccup may have been forgivable, had Dreyfuss not been equally clueless the next day on set. "He had no idea who I was ... again. Again," Heard said. "He shook my hand!"

To make matters even more cringe-worthy, Dreyfuss goofed a third time when the cast gathered for reshoots. "I walk into the room and [Dreyfuss] stands up and says, 'Oh I'm sorry. Were you wanting to sit down?'" Heard recounted. "And he's like, 'Well, you know this is where the actors are ... [but] you can totally sit down.'"

How generous of him.

"Paranoia" is now in theaters.

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