Chloƫ Grace Moretz at the 2013 People's Choice AwardsROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

You don't want to mess with "Kick-Ass" star Chloe Grace Moretz's Hit-Girl, and it turns out the 16-year-old actress is just as dangerous out of costume.

Moretz demonstrated her crazy skill with Balisong butterfly knives during her appearance on "Late Night" on Tuesday, and Conan was visibly impressed -- and more than a little scared.

"I haven't done this since I was 11, so please don't judge me," Moretz said before flipping the blades around.

"Oh good, I'll be killed. This is great," Conan quipped.

Catch Moretz in action in "Kick-Ass 2," now in theaters.

[via Vulture]

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