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The upcoming biopic "Diana" details the little-known story of the late Princess of Wales's relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. Now the actor playing her more-publicized paramour Dodi Fayed says that audiences will also walk away with a different opinion of the late Harrods heir.

In an interview with the UK's Daily Mail, Cas Anvar, who portrays Fayed, admits he was unaware of the negative public perception plaguing Fayed since his 1997 death alongside Diana in a Paris car crash. But while researching his role, Anvar (pictured above) says everything he heard from Fayed's family and friends painted a different picture than the one of the billionaire playboy perpetuated by the tabloids.

"With his access to billions and unlimited wealth -- this is a guy who could do what he wanted, have anyone he wanted," Anvar explains. "He could have been a typical rich, unsavory, unpleasant guy, because he didn't have to answer to anyone. But I have talked dozens of people and they all say he was a kind man."

Anvar says the movie is based on interviews with those closest to Dodi and Diana, and reveals that the pair knew each other as teenagers, and that their families were acquaintances. The actor also claims that Diana seriously considered moving to Hollywood to be with Fayed (a movie producer at the time), with whom she reconnected after she and Khan ended their tumultuous two-year relationship.

"What happens in this movie will challenge quite a lot of commonly accepted things that people think about Dodi and Diana," Anvar continues. " ... I know from my research that Dodi did love Diana, and they planned a future together. Dodi's closest friends say he would have been a good father -- generous, warm, and kind."

While Anvar says his main goal with playing Fayed was to "[do] justice to someone whose family and loved ones are still around," the actor adds that learning more about the man made him wish he had known him in his lifetime.

"I would have liked him," Anvar says.

For more of the actor's thoughts on the movie, check out the Daily Mail story. "Diana" makes its debut next month.

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