THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, 2008. ©Lions Gate/courtesy Everett CollectionLionsgate

The amazing thing about martial arts films is that you can never watch too many and will always leave wanting more.

This week, Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai ("In the Mood for Love," "Chungking Express") dabbles in martial arts for the first time with "The Grandmaster." Telling the true story of Ip Man, the grandmaster of the Wing Chun style and teacher of Bruce Lee, the film features famous fights by some of the biggest martial arts legends in history.

The genre itself has seen many variations and styles over the years, from Bruce Lee's animalistic cries to Jackie Chan's slapstick kung fu. In honor of "The Grandmaster," we picked 12 of our favorite epic martial arts fight scenes.

The Grandmaster First Trailer
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