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"Shaun of the Dead" director Edgar Wright's latest movie is a cautionary tale of nostalgia and beer guzzling. In "The World's End," the final film in Wright's Cornetto Trilogy, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and a handful of the UK's funniest actors team up for a bar crawl to end all bar crawls.

After failing "The Golden Mile" as fresh-faced college students, the gang of friends return in their forties to tackle the 12-pub drinking marathon. It's epic... and not such a bright idea, with their infantile attitudes being just as deadly as the hoard of killer robots they end up facing off against.

But an adventure in bar-hopping doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, it's a great excuse for a movie buff to recount cinematic history with thirst-quenching accoutrements. Many fondly-remembered movies feature bar scenes, shot in actual, functioning bars that still exist today.

We've assembled a road trip route for the ultimate movie bar excursion. Now you can sip brews just like Will Hunting, Crash Davis, Harvey Dent, and Jack Torrance. Check out our picks for the best existing movie bars below.

The World's End - Clip No. 1
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