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Edgar Wright has a thing for fences -- or at least, his Cornetto Trilogy does. In "Shaun of the Dead," "Hot Fuzz," and now, "The World's End," stars Nick Frost and Simon Pegg often find themselves in predicaments that force them to think on -- or in this case, off -- their feet, hopping over fences to evade everything from zombies to murderous townies to aliens.

Unfortunately, these two have the worst fence-jumping luck in the world, as they always manage to find the ones that are completely broken. At this point, the gag has become one of the series' staple comedy bits.

"Shaun is very cocky before the fence collapses, which is literally pride coming before a fall," explains Pegg, in an exclusive featurette about the origin of the Cornetto Trilogy fence jump, which began with "Shaun of the Dead."

But even though these final scenes end up looking hilarious, sometimes they're a pain to film.

"That really hurt," Frost says, about running through the fence in "Hot Fuzz." "I essentially had a bruise that was the whole of my calf muscle."

Either way, it's all in good fun. Plus, the final product is what counts, right?

You can check out more about fence jumping in the video above.
"The World's End" hits theaters nationwide this weekend.
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