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Because why not?

Multi-hyphenate James Franco played an exaggerated version of himself in this summer's apocalyptic comedy "This is The End," but we'll be getting a true peek behind the curtain via his upcoming TV show "James Franco Presents." Or at least a peek at what he'd like us to see.

According to Variety, the reality series will focus on Franco's many interests beyond acting, like teaching and directing -- perhaps even his "process" as an artist on works like those seen (and lampooned) in "This is The End." And let's not forget the art installation he did at Sundance several years ago, where festival-goers could sit in a re-creation of the living room from "Three's Company" and listen to his voice performing the various roles from the '70s show. Suffice it to say, anything goes in Franco's world.

"James Franco Presents" will debut on the Ovation cable network in November. In an interview with Variety, Ovation CCO Robert Weiss describes the show as a sort of "anthology docuseries" that will examine " the world of art through James's eyes. All the different exploits that James is involved in, this show encompasses."

Will this include his time hanging out with his "Spring Breakers" co-stars the ATL Twins or Dangeruss? One can only hope.

[via Variety]

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