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Zac Efron's ongoing quest to prove he's more than a Disney dreamboat is proceeding nicely, as evidenced by this trailer for the drama "Parkland." The film is named for the Dallas hospital where President John F. Kennedy was taken after being shot.

This trailer shows what looks like actual footage from the day of the event, intermixed with sequences of the star-studded cast preparing for JFK's drive through downtown Dallas, and then reacting to its horrible aftermath.

Efron plays the young doctor working the Parkland ER that fateful day, with Marcia Gay Harden as a nurse. Billy Bob Thornton appears as Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels, Ron Livingston as FBI agent James Hosty, and Paul Giamatti as the unwitting recorder of history, Abraham Zapruder. We also get a glimpse of Lee Harvey Oswald, as played by Jeremy Strong, plus Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver as Oswald's mother and James Badge Dale as his brother.

Parkland- Trailer No. 1

"Parkland" was written and directed by Peter Landesman, who based his screenplay on "Four Days in September" by the famous lawyer and author Vincent Bugliosi. Landesman wrote a controversial New York Times Magazine cover story about sex trafficking in 2004 called "The Girls Next Door," which was the basis for the 2007 movie "Trade."

"Parkland" will premiere at the Venice Film Festival and open in U.S. theaters on October 4.

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