+1 - Trailer No. 1
Ain't no party like a doppelganger party. At least that's what this exclusive trailer for IFC Midnight's new supernatural thriller "+1" leads us to believe.

In the movie, college friends David (Rhys Wakefield, the leader of the creepy masked killers in "The Purge") and Teddy (Logan Miller, from Disney Channel's "I'm With the Band") hit up an epic, very well-lit bash (you'll see). The excitable Teddy has the best night of his life, while David wishes he could do the night over again and make things right with his girlfriend. Turns out, David gets his wish.

Something freaky happens -- was that a time-warping, blackout-inducing meteor? -- and the night is turned upside-down, or, more specifically, backwards. Suddenly, it's earlier in the night, and David has the chance to set things right with his girl -- there's just one hitch: His earlier self is still wandering around the party (the +1, get it?). Oh, and there's just one more hitch: When time catches up, that eerie/cool phenomenon could have deadly consequences.

Reliving the past is great and all... unless you end up dead.

"+1" hits theaters September 20.
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Plus 1
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The crash of a meteorite somehow transports past versions of college party-goers (Ashley Hinshaw, Rhys... Read More