Afternoon Delight- Clip No.1
Who knew strippers made great nannies?

In "Afternoon Delight," stay-at-home mom Rachel (played by the charming and talented Kathryn Hahn) feels guilty and unfulfilled, so she takes it upon herself to rehabilitate full-time stripper (and part-time sex worker) McKenna (Juno Temple), inviting her to live in the home she shares with husband Jeff ("How I Met Your Mother"'s Josh Radnor) and the couple's young son.

Oh, and Rachel also offers McKenna a job as the family's nanny. What could go wrong, right?

In this exclusive preview (above), Rachel's pal Jennie (Michaela Watkins) asks McKenna if she's game to babysit a quartet of young girls while the moms indulge in a "Women & Wine" party. McKenna agrees, which makes Rachel understandably uncomfortable.

"Afternoon Delight" dances its way into theaters August 30.

Afternoon Delight- Trailer No.1
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Afternoon Delight
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