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A Chinese military official is claiming that "Pacific Rim" is just the latest example of American propaganda, warning citizens that they need to be more vigilant in dealing with the brainwashing effect these films have on Chinese people.

In a scathing op-ed published in the Chinese military-sanctioned paper PLA Daily, which was picked up by nearly every state media publication in the country, People's Liberation Army member Zhang Xieli writes that "Pacific Rim" makes a deliberate "mockery of China's image and conduct," citing its depiction of Chinese people eating and making things out of the Kaiju as a prime example.

"Hollywood has always been the best American propaganda machine," Zhang writes, adding that "Pacific Rim" is more evidence of Americans depicting themselves "sav[ing] the world by playing the part of world police." The film also smacks of imperialism, Zhang claims, by not-so-subtly referencing "the real-life U.S.-Japan alliance."

Zhang also lumps several other movies in with "Pacific Rim," including the James Bond series and, oddly enough, "Ice Age," saying that all these films "disseminate the U.S. value system and global world strategy."

Perhaps most ironic, though, is that while Zhang urges his fellow military men to steel themselves against these films' message -- "Soldiers should sharpen their eyes and enforce a 'firewall' to avoid ideological erosion when watching American movies. More importantly, they should strengthen their combat capability to safeguard national security and interests," he writes -- he makes no mention of the fact that "Pacific Rim" had to be approved by Chinese state officials to be shown in the country at all. Every film that is not made in or commissioned by China must face government scrutiny before getting the green light to premiere in the country.

Regardless of Zhang's warnings, "Pacific Rim" is doing gangbusters business in China, raking in over $100 million in the country after debuting to a record-breaking opening weekend haul of $9 million in July. Then again, based on those numbers, maybe moviegoers have been brainwashed after all.

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