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When characters are pressured by time limits in extreme situations, things tend to get crazy and out-of-hand. What do you do when you have an hour to live or three days to get halfway across the globe?

In the latest race-against-time movie "Getaway," Ethan Hawke is forced to follow the orders of a mysterious man in order to rescue his kidnapped wife in time. Behind the wheel of a stolen car, Hawke must use the help of a tech-savvy girl (Selena Gomez) to save the day.

Plenty of movie characters have gone to such extremes and beyond when they're up against the clock. Some endure the nightmare impulses of a rock star, while others must find ways to keep their heart pumping before time runs out. While we hope you're never caught up in these ridiculous, terrifying, and (sometimes) hilarious situations, we have a few pointers so you can succeed in the nick of time.

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