Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell in London on October 17, 2012Samir Hussein/Getty Images For Sunny Ozell

Those of us who live in New York City know it can be a pretty magical place, but it's clear few people are enjoying life here quite as much as Sir Patrick Stewart. The "Star Trek" and "X-Men" star bought a swank pad in Park Slope, Brooklyn, last October and has been publicly and charmingly sharing his delight with life here ever since.

Stewart's latest gift to social media is a video made by his fiancée Sunny Ozell, in which he demonstrates how to do the quadruple (or is it quintuple?) take. Hilarity (and immense GIF-ability) ensues, and it's especially adorable since it seems they're tucked away on his roof and sharing a little silly moment.

It has been an exciting summer for Stewart: In between shooting "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and speaking out against domestic violence, the 73-year-old actor had time to discover that illustrious and versatile NYC dish, pizza. Like many of us, he found it to be the perfect cure for a hangover. Which he may need after yesterday's "Acting Master Class."

[via Twitter h/t Gawker]

Sir Patrick Stewart Finally Has His First Slice Of Pizza