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Apparently Boating While Sexy can get you into hot water: George Clooney has been reported to Venice police for allegedly operating a water taxi without the proper licenses.

Italian newspaper La Nuova Veneziareported earlier this week that Clooney, who was in town promoting his latest movie, "Gravity," at the Venice Film Festival, was spotted driving a speedboat on the Venice Lagoon Tuesday, an event that was heavily photographed by the paparazzi. But while the charming actor was busy smiling and waving for the cameras, local lawyer Mario D'Elia contacted the authorities, wondering if Clooney was legally authorized to operate the boat.

D'Elia confirmed that he was the tipster, telling newspaper Corriere del Veneto, "I asked the authorities to go to the Hotel Cipriani to see if Clooney has a nautical license." The paper noted that even if Clooney was licensed, he still would have needed a permit to operate a water taxi, and that it would be the owner of the speedboat who would be liable if Clooney was in the wrong.

Clooney joked about piloting the boat during a VFF press conference earlier in the week, telling reporters it was the most dangerous thing he'd ever done. But La Nuova Venezia reported that the incident was no laughing matter for Venice, and that "nerves are very fraught" in the city following a collision in the Grand Canal earlier this month between a water ferry and a gondola. A German tourist was killed in that accident.

[via Vanity Fair]
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