Winnie Mandela- Clip No. 1
Behind every man is a great woman.

Regardless of its title, some may be quick to write off "Winnie Mandela" as this fall's "the other Nelson Mandela movie" coming out this fall, but not so fast.

The eponymous biopic focuses on the controversial political actions and imprisonment of South Africa's Mother of the Nation, and devotes less time to her husband's life and achievements.

"Winnie Mandela" stars Jennifer Hudson as the titular South African figure and Terrence Howard, as her husband, the iconic Nelson Mandela. In this exclusive preview, we see a nearly unrecognizable Hudson as Winnie in the midst of her prison sentence. Taken out of her cell, Winnie is forced to stand barefoot on a brick while being questioned and demeaned. But she doesn't give in.

"Winnie Mandela" opens on September 6.
Winnie Mandela- Trailer No. 1