GOLDFINGER, Sean Connery, 1964.Everett

Driving your car to the movie theater: Bo-ring! Watching movies about other people driving? Exciting!

Film revs up the kinetic elements of driving -- motion, speed, noise, freedom. But to complete the picture, to give the car a personality, you need a charismatic driver. Someone who is himself driven by dramatic inner forces, someone who can make viewers enjoy the ride as much as the destination.

Brent Magna, Ethan Hawke's protagonist in this weekend's "Getaway," may fit that mold of the classic movie wheelman. He's a former race car driver who draws upon his old skills (and a purloined Shelby Super Snake Mustang) in order to rescue his kidnapped wife.

With "Getaway," the brooding Hawke makes a bid to join the following list of the movies' most iconic wheelmen -- and yeah, they're almost all men. Let us know if you think he belongs on this list of drivers who've made movie history by firing on all cylinders.

Film Clip: 'Getaway'
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