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In case you thought Lars Von Trier's upcoming film "Nymphomaniac" was going to be a light-hearted affair, the clips that LVT's crew are slowly doling out are getting darker and more disturbing by the frame. Of course, would it really be a Von Trier movie if we weren't entirely depressed by the end?

"Would it be all right if I showed the children the whoring bed?"

Yep, Uma Thurman's character Mrs. H. gets right down to brass tacks in this preview. Our eponymous "nymphomaniac" Joe (Stacy Martin) has been having an affair with Mr. H., and this is his missus's chilling response. As Joe and Mr. H. look on, their three kids get a tour of "Daddy's favorite place," as Thurman coos. We'll have to see what comes next for Joe and the H family, but it doesn't look too good.

Although the title and its rumored hardcore bits (and, you know, bits) sound titillating enough, the three clips that have come out so far are way more in line with its tagline, "Forget About Love." The first chapter, "The Compleat Angler," gives us a taste of young Joe's precocious sex life, which is anything but sweet. The second shows young Joe trapped in an elevator with the supremely sleazy Jerome, played by Shia LaBeouf. Charlotte Gainsbourg, who starred in Von Trier's "Melancholia" and "Antichrist," plays a grown-up Joe.

Since "Nymphomaniac" is split into eight chapters, we can look forward to at least five more teasers from the movie. Given LVT's "self-imposed ban on making public statements," these clips will have to speak for themselves. And so far, they're saying quite a lot.

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