James Franco Arrives at His Comedy Central Roast on August 25, 2013Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Did James Franco take a Southern Gothic literature class during his last higher learning go-around?

The polymath debuted an adaptation of William Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying" earlier this year, and now comes the teaser trailer for his adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's Tennessee-set novel "Child of God." (Oh, and Franco plans to take on Faulkner's "Sound and the Fury" next.)

For his third time in the director's chair, Franco -- who also has a role in the film -- tells the story of a highly troubled, violent man who lives on the outskirts of society. Oh, there's necrophilia, too.

"He was of German and Irish bloods. His name was Lester Ballard, a child of God. Much like yourself perhaps," a voiceover intones. The only imagery in the trailer is actor Scott Haze (whom Franco also worked with in "As I Lay Dying") staring creepily into the camera.

"Child of God" will be presented at this week's Venice Film Festival, then premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in early September.

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