George Clooney at the 2013 Venice Film FestivalAFP/Getty Images

With fellow Batman veterans Michael Keaton, Adam West, and Val Kilmer all sounding off on Ben Affleck as the next Dark Knight, "Batman & Robin" star George Clooney was (mock) hoping to throw his two cents into the cape-and-cowl ring.

When asked about potential U.S. intervention in Syria at the Venice Film Festival premiere of his space thriller "Gravity" earlier this week, Clooney instead quipped, "I actually thought you would ask me about Ben Affleck playing Batman. But no, it's Syria."

Silly reporters.

But don't let Clooney's casual deflection of the question fool you; he's a politically active star whose current cause of choice is advocating for a resolution to the crisis in Darfur -- a stance that led to his arrest for civil disobedience during a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy last year.

Even without a Batfleck sound bite from the silver fox, it's safe to say Clooney -- like Matt Damon -- probably has Affleck's back, considering the A-list pals were co-producers on last year's "Argo," for which they both nabbed Best Picture Oscars.

If for some reason a Caped Crusader rivalry starts brewing between the two, they can just abide by that age-old saying: bros before Batman.

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