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Every year seems like James Franco's year, but 2013 has possibly been the most Franconian yet. From art house indies to blockbusters, Indiegogo to Comedy Central, Franco is everywhere these days -- and for a certain demographic, his performance as Alien in "Spring Breakers" has been his most memorable so far this year, if not to date.

In one of the best scenes in Harmony Korine's neon freakout, the drug-slinging would-be Gatsby invites his young female guests to look at his "sh*t." That would include his shorts "in every f*ckin' color," gold bullets, cash, fancy colognes, and nunchucks, not to mention a gold-toothed smile, cornrows, and scratcher tattoos.

Naturally, Alien's sh*t has been turned into ringtones, GIFs, and now a 2014 best supporting actor Oscar campaign.

James Franco's 'Spring Breakers' Oscar campaignFacebook

Whether or not inviting the Academy to "CONSIDER THIS SH*T" will be persuasive is almost beside the point. Hip distributor A24, known for vibrant, edgy teen offerings like "The Bling Ring," "The Spectacular Now," and "Ginger and Rosa," is raising its own profile through savvy use of social media.

Of their Alien-themed Oscar promo, an A24 rep tells The Hollywood Reporter, "James Franco has created a character so indelible it deserves recognition. We are excited to be able to support it with a campaign and know the impact of Alien will last far past this awards season."

Whether or not Franco heads home from the Oscars with some gold "sh*t" on March 2, 2014, is to be seen. No matter what, "Spring Breakers" lives on ... forever.

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