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Moviefone's Top DVD of the Week
"Now You See Me"
What's It About? In "Now You See Me," from director Louis Leterrier's ("The Incredible Hulk"), a team of the world's best illusionists -- dubbed The Four Horsemen -- are known for robbing banks during their performances and giving away the money. However, the magicians are being tracked by an FBI agent and an Interpol detective.
Why We're IN: One of the most unique stories of the summer (we've had enough superhero & action flicks for a while), "Now You See Me" was a refreshing find. The film also had a great cast, including the very underrated Mark Ruffalo, Jessie Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Melanie Laurent. "Now You See Me" was one of Moviefone's Best Movies of 2013 (So Far).

WATCH: An Extended Director's Cut from the "Now You See Me" Blu-ray(VIDEO)

Moviefone's Top Blu-ray of the Week
"The Fugitive" 20th Anniversary Edition
What's It About? Harrison Ford's 1993 "The Fugitive" follows Dr. Richard Kimble who must flee when falsely accused of murdering his wife. He goes on the hunt to find the real killer while Tommy Lee Jones' US Marshal chases him down.
Why We're In: This adrenaline-fueled crime classic features an Oscar-winning performance from Jones and is just as tense and thrilling as when it came out. "The Fugitive" will keep you on the edge of your seat with every watch.

New on DVD & Blu-ray
"Arthur Newman"
What's It About?
This comedy-drama stars Colin Firth as a dissatisfied man who fakes his death in order to start fresh with a new identity. But on his way to reinventing himself he meets a woman who is also trying to escape her past (Emily Blunt). This loosely crafted first film from Dante Ariola is wholly unmemorable, generic, and slow.

"Cockneys vs Zombies"
What's It About? The first film from Matthais Hoene, this horror comedy follows a group of bank robbers fighting against zombies in London. This fast paced witty zombie movie, starring Michelle Ryan, Harry Treadaway, and Rasmus Hardiker is a refreshing mix of comedy and gore.
IN or OUT: IN.

"Empire State"
What's It About?
Two old friends (Liam Hemsworth and Michael Angarani) decide to rob an armored car company, but an NYPD officer (Dwanye Johnson) stands in their way. Dito Montiel's ("Fighting") "Empire State" lacks creative stories and characters in this cliched action drama.

WATCH: A Sneak Preview from "Empire State" (VIDEO)

"The English Teacher"
What's It About? The film directorial debut from Craig Zisk ("Weeds," "Parks and Recreation") starsJulianne Moore as a high school English teacher who befriends a former student (Michael Angarano) who returns to her small town. "The English Teacher" also stars Greg Kinnear, Lily Collins, and Fiona Shaw, but unfortunately the cast's performances don't save this strained comedy.

"From Up on Poppy Hill"
What's It About? Directed by Goro Miyazaki and written by his famed father Hayao Miyazaki, "From Up on Polly Hill" tells the story of a group of Yokohama teens who try to save their school's clubhouse from getting destroyed for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. With Goro's gorgeous animate style and his father's coming-of-age screenplay make this a film not to miss, although die hard Studio Ghibli fans may be disappointed in its lack of magic.
IN or OUT: IN.

"The Iceman"
What's It About? Inspired by a true story, "The Iceman" follows the notorious contract killer Richard Kulkinski (Michael Shannon) who was arrested in 1968 for killing over 100 men. Kulkinski appeared to be the typical American family man and neither his wife or daughters knew of his violent profession until his arrest. Ariel Vromen's crime thriller is gritty and fascinating, but Shannon steals the film with his signature captivating on-screen presence that is simultaneously terrifying and alluring. "The Iceman" also stars Winona Ryder, Chris Evans, James Franco, and Ray Liotta.
IN or OUT: IN.

"The Lords of Salem"
What's It About? The latest horror thriller from Rob Zombie, "The Lords of Salem" follows Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie), a radio DJ in Salem who is sent a record which, when played, triggers flashbacks of her town's violent past. Unlike Zombie's past grindhouse-esque movies, "Lords" charts a new direction in the horror genre for the rocker-turned-filmmaker, but it still fails to significantly scare.

What's It About? That's right, Syfy's cult sensation about freak storm of vicious sharks over Los Angelesis is now out on DVD for your incessant viewing pleasure (you know you're excited). If you missed this ridiculously campy sci-fi movie on TV and in the theater, have no fear -- you can now watch that epic chainsaw scene over and over.
IN or OUT: IN.

"Stories We Tell"
What's It About? Oscar-nominated director and writer Sarah Polley ("Away from Her") investigates the secrets behind a family of storytellers in "Stories We Tell." Polley's film explores the nature of truth and memory, and how our narratives help define us a individuals and families. As an innovative addition to the documentary genre, "Stories We Tell" is a film that will stay with you.
IN or OUT: IN.

New to Blu-ray
"Ave Ventura: Pet Detective"
What's It About? Jim Carey's classic goofball detective is the guy you call when you lose your pet. When the Miami Dolphins' mascot Snowflake (a dolphin) goes missing, along with a bunch of the football team's players, Ace is on the case. While this comedy is utterly obnoxious and silly, it's classic Carey as his ridiculous, screwball self.
IN or OUT: IN.

"Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls"
What's It About? In this sequel, Jim Carey's Ace comes out of retirement to prevent a war between African tribes (we know, it's ridiculous) by saving their sacred white bat. While it has a few decent laughs, this sequel is not nearly as funny as the first film and way more desperate.

"Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie"
What's It About? Much like the cult TV series, in the 1996 movie version Mike Nelson and his robots are forced to watch "This Island Earth" as torture by mad scientist Dr. Clayton Forrester. The spontaneous wisecracks that MST3K is most known and loved for are best enjoyed in the TV series, but they still transfer decently to the big screen in this enjoyable film best suited for fans.
IN or OUT: IN.

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