The Family- Clip No.1

Talking about sex with your parents is awkward enough, but throw in the fact that your family is (was?) in the mob, you're in witness protection, and your mom insists on telling you a T.M.I. story about where she and your dad "got it on" for the first time, and that conversation gets a whole lot weirder.

That's what Dianna Agron's character, Belle, is subjected to in this exclusive preview (above) of Luc Besson's new action-comedy, "The Family." After mom Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) grills Belle about a gentleman caller, talk turns to condoms and "losing it." Awkward!

The movie, which also stars Oscar winners Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones, follows the Manzoni family, a mob-connected clan that snitched and is now hiding out in a sleepy French town, which they soon turn upside-down with their unconventional approach to problem-solving.

"The Family" hits theaters September 13.

The Family- Trailer No.1
The Family Movie Poster
The Family
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