Enough Said - Clip No.1
What's the best way to get to know someone's bad habits when you start dating them? Just put a sign on your neck that declares everything that's wrong with you. At least that's what James Gandolfini's character says in the new movie "Enough Said."

The comedy, from Nicole Holofcener ("Please Give"), stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Eva, a divorced woman who begins a relationship with Albert, played by Gandolfini, in one of his last roles (his final film, "Animal Rescue," opens next year).

In this exclusive preview, the two get to know each other over dinner. Eva jokingly asks Albert for his ex-wife's number, saying "Can you imagine the time that that would save?" Little does Eva know, Albert's ex-wife happens to be one of her new friends, Marianne (Catherine Keener) -- and she's not too fond of Albert. Hearing Marianne's complaints about Albert only confuses Eva feelings, begging the questions: Are ex-wives really the best way to get to know your new beau?

Check out the exclusive clip above. "Enough Said" opens September 18.
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Enough Said
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