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Positive reviews are streaming in for "Gravity," but the highest praise comes not from a critic, but an iconic director.

James Cameron told Variety that he was "stunned, absolutely floored" after screening Alfonso Cuaron's space epic, which stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as two astronauts who are stranded when debris cripples their shuttle. "I think it's the best space photography ever done, I think it's the best space film ever done," he raved, "and it's the movie I've been hungry to see for an awful long time."

Considering that Cameron is a perfectionist whose last two movies were the highest-grossing of all time, his words carry a lot of weight.

"What is interesting is the human dimension," Cameron said. "Alfonso and Sandra working together to create an absolutely seamless portrayal of a woman fighting for her life in zero gravity."

"Gravity" is making the festival rounds now and opens in theaters October 4.
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