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Fall is a wonderful time of year (pumpkin-flavored treats! Cooling weather!), but it also means longer nights and shorter days, which can lead to seasonal affective disorder. Although we are not doctors, we'd like to prescribe the cat documentary "Lil Bub & Friendz" to anyone who is feeling a little blue as the summer winds down -- or any time of the year, for that matter.

In case you didn't know, Lil Bub is a cat, and she is amazing. She has her own website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram, book, and talk show (or meow show?). The tiny, toothless "perma-kitten" has been stealing hearts since she first appeared in YouTube videos doing things like crawling around and eating yogurt. Whoopi Goldberg loves Lil Bub! And so does Andrew WK.

"Lil Bub & Friendz" gets up close and personal with Lil Bub and her human, Mike Bridavsky. Filmmakers Juliette Eisner and Andy Capper also explore the weird world of Internet cats, from memes like Nyan Cat to the Internet Cat Video Film Festival, where Bub was a celebrated guest. "Lil Bub & Friendz" premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, which led to this photo of TFF co-founder, Oscar winner, and cat snuggler Robert De Niro hanging out with Bub.

If you want more Bub -- and who doesn't? -- the VICE documentary "Lil Bub & Friendz" is streaming online for free. The first part is currently live on and VICE's YouTube channel, with the rest of the doc rolling out over the next few days. It will be available for 30 days, so act now or face the consequences. Perhaps one of those light therapy boxes could help.

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