Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck in 'Runner, Runner'20th Century Fox

Bet big or go home. Justin Timberlake suits up as an actor once again in "Runner, Runner," a gambling thriller from director Brad Furman ("The Lincoln Lawyer").

As seen in a new full-length trailer, JT is Richie, a young gun who gets in way in over his head when he teams up with online poker mogul Ivan Block (Ben Affleck). Settled in Costa Rica, Ivan lives a flashy life -- lots of cash, sexy babes, liquor-soaked parties -- that Richie is seduced by. But things start to sour when the FBI approaches Richie to help take Ivan down.

Poor JT soon realizes that he's between a rock and a hard place. "This whole thing's a trap?" he wonders.

The trailer has the gritty, dirty feel that "Lincoln Lawyer" had, and hopefully Furman can do for Affleck what he did for McConaughey in that movie.

"Runner, Runner" also stars Gemma Arterton, Anthony Mackie, David Costabile, and Ben Schwartz. It antes up October 4.
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