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Vin Diesel is back kicking butt in "Riddick," and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson becomes a leading lady in the biopic "Winnie Mandela" this weekend.

In his second franchise appearance of 2013 (the first being "Fast & Furious 6"), Diesel reprises his role as the eponymous alien warrior / highly skilled killer. Although "The Chronicles of Riddick," the second installment of the series, which unofficially started with 2000's "Pitch Black," was ultimately deemed a flop (it grossed just $115 million worldwide and had a budget of $105 million), Diesel was so determined to get the movie made that he leveraged his home.
6-Second Review: Riddick
"Riddick" starts where "Chronicles" left off, with Riddick left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that seems to be devoid of life -- only that turns out not to be the case, and the antihero finds himself fighting off alien predators and mercenaries out for his head.
Winnie Mandela- Trailer No. 1
In her biggest role since her Oscar-winning turn in "Dreamgirls," Jennifer Hudson portrays Winnie Mandela, political activist and ex-wife of former South African President, Nelson Mandela. The film -- the first to tell "the mother of the nation"'s story -- chronicles Mandela's life from ages 19 to 70 and includes her 18-month stay in solitary confinement, her role in the anti-apartheid movement, and, of course, her relationship with President Mandela, played by Terrence Howard.
6- Second Review: Adore
This weekend's limited theatrical releases include "Touchy Feely," starring Ellen Page and Allison Janney; "Adore," starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright; the dark comedy "Hell Baby"; and the highly-anticipated documentary "Salinger," which features never-before-seen footage, photos, and interviews of or about reclusive author J.D. Salinger.
Salinger - Trailer No. 1
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