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It's witching hour for Rupert Grint once more.

The "Harry Potter" star is signing up for yet another adaptation involving witches, but this time, he's going very old-school -- back to William Shakespeare.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Grint is part of a new adaptation of "Macbeth" called "Enemy of Man." Directed by Vincent Regan, the movie stars Sean Bean in the lead role and also features Charles Dance ("Game of Thrones"), James D'Arcy ("Cloud Atlas"), and Jason Flemyng ("X-Men: First Class").

"Although 400 years old, Shakespeare's work feels truly contemporary," Regan said. "An ambitious childless couple; their longing for family replaced by a chilling pursuit of absolute power. Remaining true to its dark heart, we will strip back the dialogue, crank up the action and produce an atmospheric and blood-soaked chiller."

Grint's role is unclear, though he could perhaps play a character similar to Banquo's son Fleance or Duncan's son Malcolm. Filming is set to begin in January.

Since the end of "Harry Potter," Grint has kept a fairly low profile compared to co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. He'll next be seen in "CBGB," about the legendary New York City music venue, in October.

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