Bruce Willis at the European Premiere of 'Red 2' on July 22, 2013Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Bruce Willis has made it clear he's sick of action movies, saying in a recent interview that explosions are boring and the genre is just "not exciting anymore." So it makes sense that his next film is ... wait, another action movie? Well, OK then.

Deadline reports that Willis, who's also said he mostly does action movies these days solely for the paycheck, has signed on to star in "The Prince," an action-thriller directed by Russian filmmaker Sarik Andreasyan. The movie centers around a mob enforcer whose teenage daughter goes missing, forcing him to return to Las Vegas, where Willis's character is waiting to confront him.

"The Prince" begins production next month in New Orleans. Willis has a few more so-called boring action films on the docket for 2014, including "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," "American Assassin," and "Expiration."

Seems he's not that tired of the genre after all.

For a little comedic relief, Willis is hosting "Saturday Night Live" on October 12.

[via Deadline]
Bruce Willis Says Explosions Are Most Boring Part of His Job

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