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Turns out J.J. Abrams has gotten a head start on his transition from "Star Trek" to "Star Wars." Readers of blogs io9 and Gizmodo have spotted a familiar character from "Wars" in both of Abrams's "Trek" films: R2-D2.

The Dissolve notes that the droid first popped up in 2009's "Star Trek," floating through space. R2 makes a similar cameo in "Star Trek Into Darkness," about 1 hour and 17 minutes into the movie, when the Enterprise is under attack and several officers get sucked into space. In that scene, an unmistakably R2-D2-esque object flies by among the debris; check out the screencap here.

Though both of the droid's appearances are fleeting, The Dissolve reports that diehard "Star Trek" fans are none too pleased with Abrams including a character from the warring "Wars" faction in his films, essentially tainting their beloved series. While the site notes that R2's inclusion could be seen as a kiss-off from Abrams, who's departing the franchise (for now) to work on "Star Wars: Episode VII," we can't help but think it's just a playful wink to the director's roots as a longtime obsessive "Wars" fan.

Either way, it's a fun Easter egg, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment for fans of either franchise to enjoy or ignore. Perhaps it can force them to prosper in peace. (Sorry.)

[via The Dissolve]

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