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Brad Pitt is at the Toronto International Film Festival this week to promote his new film "12 Years a Slave," which by all accounts is an unforgettably powerful look at slavery. But, of course, while talking about a movie about historical injustice and the depths of human cruelty, somebody has to ask him about a potential sequel to "World War Z," his zombie hit from this past summer. Because, you know, that's appropriate.

"We're certainly talking about it, yes," "World War Z" star and producer Pitt told Variety.

"We have so many ideas on the table from the time we spent developing this thing and figuring out how the zombie worlds work," he said. "We gotta get the script right first to determine if we go further."

As was recounted endlessly this past summer, "World War Z" was something of a nightmare to produce -- a nightmare that culminated in the last-minute removal of the movie's entire Russia-set third act, which was replaced by a new climax written by "Star Trek Into Darkness" scribe Damon Lindelof and "Cabin in the Woods" co-writer/director Drew Goddard (they supposedly produced 60 new pages of the script). Also cut during that huge script rewrite: a subplot involving Pitt's wife shacking up with a helicopter pilot played by Matthew Fox. Yes, that's why he's in the movie for approximately one second.

But for all the hand-wringing and restructuring, "World War Z" proved to be a hit, one of the rare box office surprises that leaned in the "hey, it's a success" direction instead of going the way of Disney flop "The Lone Ranger." In fact, with earnings reaching $533 million worldwide, it's Pitt's most successful movie ever. So yes, a sequel seems inevitable.

"World War Z" was originally conceived as a trilogy, which was one of the main appeals for Pitt, who'd always wanted to adapt the Max Brooks bestseller into a franchise. Looks like his dream might come true after all.

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